I’m Not Full Yet, I Haven’t Eaten Rice!

4 Jan

I'm not full yet.. I haven't eaten rice..

I’ve heard many people (primarily Indonesians) say this: “I’m not full yet because I haven’t eaten rice” or “go and eat rice, it’s silly that you haven’t eaten rice the whole day!”.. to me that sounds silly. I’m still a bit culture shocked after spending 4 years abroad, so those sentences still  sound absurd to me. So I decided to draw a comic of an Indonesian person eating everything but rice, but still feeling hungry. Just being hyperbolic, really. I’m not against rice, I eat rice to just like any other Asians. But I never eat a lot of rice, it makes me full too quickly (to me, rice has no taste and makes the food less enjoyable). Rice is filled with carbohydrate and energy which are also found in bread, noodles, potatoes, pasta.

However, compared to the whole world, rice is only a primary food around Asia. In the West, potatoes,bread and other flour or wheat based foods are much more dominant. It’s because they don’t have paddy fields like Indonesia, China, Vietnam..

Biologically, us humans can survive without HAVING to eat rice every day. But we were born in this land where paddy fields are everywhere, so rice is a part of our daily meal, and we start to believe that we can’t go one day without it! Even though on the other side of the world, people eat potatoes and vegetables every day.

If you like rice, no offense, I’m not trying to make anyone stop eating rice. This is just my opinion, because when I hear people say that you need to eat rice every day, or “I’m not full until I eat rice”, it just sounds funny and rather ridiculous to me.



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