Hey! Don’t Copy My Answers! That’s Cheating!

5 Jan

Study! don't copy!

I admit, I used to copy my friend’s answers when I was at school. But I also admit that I was wrong. I used to copy my friend’s answer because I didn’t feel confident with myself.. mostly because I didn’t pay attention to the teachers when they were speaking or forgot to read over the material when I studied at home.

Until one day, someone else copied my answers. I felt so angry, because I’ve worked hard to study and understand that topic,  but someone else easily copied it. Copying someone else’s answers during an exam or a task is cheating.

Like I said, people who copy answers are people who are not confident with their own knowledge. Even though we all know, when we listen to our teachers speaking in class, we don’t need to copy answers when they give us tasks or exams. To those who are still in school or at University/College, please try to finish your task/exam by yourself. Learn how to respect other people’s efforts, people who’ve actually tried to learn and understand the subject.

Respect your teachers too, please pay attention to them. If we pay attention, we wouldn’t need to copy our friends’ answers.

Let’s erase this bad habit!



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