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Spitting in Public Spaces – A Disgusting Habit …….. Just.. EW.

24 Feb

Spitting in a public space... oh ew.... disgusting

Almost every time I am in a public space, I notice a lot of people are spitting onto the ground. Ew… they are .. SO disgusting! Everybody has to know that when people spit, a lot of germs are spread publicly. Other than how disgusting spitting is, it’s also bad manners – especially when you make sounds which are so uncomfortable to hear when you’re trying to push that bit of mucous from your throat…. eerggghh.. please. Not in public. Go find yourself a bathroom.. flush it down the toilet, or wash it down a  bathroom basin. This is one of Indonesia’s biggest bad habits – and it is seen everywhere very, very frequently, and people from all walks of life do it. Even those who are dressed neatly in business suits do it! Please don’t make spitting in public spaces a habit. It is just DISGUSTING.



Domestic Violence – Those Who Do The Punching Are Those Who Have Problems

24 Feb

Domestic violence

Today I read an online article about a housewife who was constantly beaten up by her own husband, just because she failed to “serve” her husband the way he wanted her to. According to this housewife, ever since they got married in 2000, her husband demanded that he should be treated like a king every day. If his wishes are not granted, the consequences were heavy. In the article I read, the wife experienced heavy beating for 12 hours.

Domestic violence happens everywhere, and happens a lot more than we think. From my point of view, this woman’s husband has an “illness” that is difficult to cure… maybe extreme narcissism. Over the top narcissism – maybe because he has problems himself. Maybe during his childhood, he didn’t receive enough attention, therefore when he stepped into adulthood, he demanded overwhelming attention… just maybe… However, a husband who beats up his wife constantly like that, especially the ones who demand to be treated like a king definitely have some sort of mental/psychological disorder. Maybe when he was younger, he was also abused.

What I’ve been trying to convey is.. people who hurt other people like that want to bring down other people in order to feel better about themselves – when in truth, all humans are the same in the eyes of God. Would the husband be happy if was in his wife’s shoes? Do you think he’d be happy? Couples are supposed to love each other, if one beats the other one up, where is the love here?

Domestic violence can also happen between parent to child. Many kids have been brought up roughly – too roughly. Some experience sexual abuse, some get beaten up, and some receive verbal abuse. Parents need to understand the consequences of their actions, it will affect their childrens personalities in the future.

Those who are experiencing domestic violence.. get some help, find someone to talk to. You are not alone. To those who are abusive and violent – I believe in karma, and later on in your life, you will be feeling an even more painful “punch” in return. Go fix yourself. Ask yourself – Would I want to be treated that way?

Treat people the way you want to be treated.


Reference: The Jakarta Globe: Abused Wife Beaten for 12 Hours for Failing to Serve Husband Drink.

The Indonesian Movie-Goers’ Ultimate Nightmare.. Say Bye Bye to Hollywood!

19 Feb

Wanna watch Black Swan in Singapore?

OK, this is the ultimate nightmare for the movie-goers in our country. American films are boycotted from Indonesia, therefore we aren’t able to watch them in our local cinemas. We are left with D- rated horror movies, the standard romantic movies which the teenagers love, “sexy” movies starring JuPe (Julia Perez), and other types of movies of disappointing quality. I do agree that it would be more boring without the Hollywood blockbusters around, however, when we have them, we misuse the movies and create pirated DVDs.

It is such a big loss for the cinema industry in Indonesia, because cinemas create a lot of employment opportunities for many people. With the disappearance of Hollywood movies, the popularity of cinemas as a place for entertainment and leisure will be decreasing fast. Let’s look at it from the positive point of view. Maybe this is the right time for Indonesian movie directors to bloom and develop the Indonesian film industry. I’m very sure that there are a lot of people in Indonesia who are able of creating cinematic masterpieces which are educative, of better quality, but still entertaining.

Or, maybe you’ll want to watch theatre shows or traditional arts events. Possibly, if shows like these are able to attract more viewers, people will be more interested in the arts industry and pursue the profession of being an artist.

Good movies don’t only come from America anyway. Have you ever watched a movie from Iran, Italy, Spain, China, South America, Mexico, etc? Other international movies are just as good (maybe even better). Let’s hope that if we can’t watch American movies in Indonesia, we can watch movies from other parts of the world.


Sidewalks are for PEDESTRIANS, Don’t Tell Me To “Get Out Of The Way”.

14 Feb

Why are you using our sidewalks??

A couple of days ago I was walking home from the bus stop. I was walking on the sidewalk, and I thought to myself, this is the safest place to walk, because no cars and other vehicles could pass through here, and it’s made for pedestrians. WELL HOW WRONG WAS I?? All off a sudden.. 3, 4, 5 motorcycles passed through me in relatively high speed from behind. One of the riders shouted (without manners), “GET OUTTA THE WAY!!”. After that, around 10 more motorcycles passed through again.

Ehm.. excuse me.. YOU’RE the one who’s supposed to get out of the way. This is a sidewalk, and it’s made for pedestrians! Look to your side, there is a BIIIG and LAAARGE road for you to ride your motorcycle on. I’m sure if I walked there, people in cars and motorcycles would be very annoyed. I also don’t like it when people park their motorcycles on the sidewalk. Maybe because there is no more place for them to park their motorcycles around, but it disturbs us pedestrians. It would be dangerous for us to make a circle and walk on the big road just because there is a mass of motorcycles parked on the sidewalk! We could get hit by a car..

Sidewalks are for PEDESTRIANS.


Indonesia – 12 Biggest Economies In The World by 2025? Yeah, Right…

14 Feb

Indonesia's targets are unrealistic

Oh so this is the problem! This is one of Indonesia’s biggest problems!… When our Government sets a target.. they set unrealistic ones that would be almost impossible for us to achieve! They will be pushing the country to reach this target and we are so obviously not capable of doing it.

The Indonesian Government declared that Indonesia is targeting to be one of the 12 biggest and most established economies .. IN THE WORLD.. by 2025. Ooooh dear, we can’t even control the price of chillies, and now we’re trying to be the biggest economy.. yeah, right. I don’t mean to be negative, but how are we supposed to improve when you give us difficult targets? It’s like giving a high school algebra question to a first grade student. Even if we do get to be one of the 12 biggest economies in the world, but with all the social inequalities and the poverty, it’s all just a lie.

Why don’t we focus on improving our education system? Or the protection of TKI (Migrant Workers)? or the conservation of museums to increase tourism income? All of those could help the Indonesian economy. If our country is pushed and forced to be one of the biggest economies, a lot of people may suffer in the process. Indonesia could end up being the country with  ‘Biggest National Debt’ or ‘Biggest Number of Corruption Cases’. If we want the Indonesian economy to improve, Indonesian people should stop being selfish and greedy. The ones who get rich are only some lucky individuals..

Actually, Indonesia CAN be a successful country, especially if we look at our agricultural and natural resources. However, the glitch in our system is very obvious when we compare the fate of the farmers and the company owners. Social inequality is so obvious. Indonesia has one of the biggest centralisation problems in the world, everything happens in Jakarta. Jakarta is the centre of economy and business, centre of politics, centre of commercialism, centre of entertainment, etc. So employment can mostly be found in Jakarta.

It’s much better to create smaller targets that are possible to achieve, and create bigger targets later, than creating huge, difficult and unrealistic targets which encourages the government to force, lie and corrupt, while the people suffer.


Celebrating Love is… Forbidden??

10 Feb

According to the MUI (The Indonesian Council of Islamic Scholars), Valentine is forbidden...

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Time to celebrate love. To me, the meaning of Valentine is fading away.. Valentine’s Day.. these days, is only big on the commercial side. You HAVE to buy chocolates, you HAVE to buy flowers, etc. If you don’t, your partner will be disappointed just because he/she didn’t get spoiled on Valentine’s Day. In my opinion, if you have a ‘partner’, Valentine can be celebrated any day… we should be able to celebrate love anytime.

However, MUI (or the Indonesian Council of Islamic Scholars) stated that Valentine is forbidden to be celebrated by Muslims. They said that Valentine is inappropriate, and it will encourage teenagers to form relationships outside marriage. I think they misinterpreted Valentine, but I wouldn’t blame them either. Generally, the Indonesian public sees Valentine as a day that you spend with your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse (this is where the worries of pre-marital relationships start). Nevertheless, Valentine is actually much deeper than that. Valentine is a day that you can spend with your parents, your best friends, your siblings… because love shouldn’t just exist between you and your partner… love should also exist between you and your friends and family members.

If Valentine is “forbidden”, I’d have to disagree, because – what’s wrong with celebrating the wonders of love? Why can’t they just say killing in the name of God.. forbidden? I think that is much more forbidden than love, am I right or am I right? From my point of view… to say that Valentine is forbidden.. is a bit… rough.


The Importance of a Creative Mind

8 Feb

Encourage creativity!

A lot of people out there still think that art classes at school are just “playing around”, or not as important as other subjects. I’d like to remind everyone that art classes are not just “playing around”, but art helps to develop your child’s right brain. Creativity is very important for children, so they can grow up into thinkers, not followers. With a creative mind, children can create something different. They don’t have to end up being an artist, however creativity is essential for jobs in business, law, engineering, politics and many more.

If a child is intelligent, but with no creativity, he or she would be able to finish tasks properly, but wouldn’t be able to create or start something different. People who created Facebook, iPod and other millionaires have creative minds. In the future, the world will be lead by people who have creative brains.

To sharpen your children’s creative mind, please visit Abrakadoodle. It’s a program with a perfect mix of art and education, based on the US curriculum for ages 20 months to 12 years old. In Abrakadoodle, children will learn how to be creative, innovative and confident. For parental tips on how to encourage creativity with children, please visit the blog (in English).

Just imagine!