The Importance of a Creative Mind

8 Feb

Encourage creativity!

A lot of people out there still think that art classes at school are just “playing around”, or not as important as other subjects. I’d like to remind everyone that art classes are not just “playing around”, but art helps to develop your child’s right brain. Creativity is very important for children, so they can grow up into thinkers, not followers. With a creative mind, children can create something different. They don’t have to end up being an artist, however creativity is essential for jobs in business, law, engineering, politics and many more.

If a child is intelligent, but with no creativity, he or she would be able to finish tasks properly, but wouldn’t be able to create or start something different. People who created Facebook, iPod and other millionaires have creative minds. In the future, the world will be lead by people who have creative brains.

To sharpen your children’s creative mind, please visit Abrakadoodle. It’s a program with a perfect mix of art and education, based on the US curriculum for ages 20 months to 12 years old. In Abrakadoodle, children will learn how to be creative, innovative and confident. For parental tips on how to encourage creativity with children, please visit the blog (in English).

Just imagine!



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