The Indonesian Movie-Goers’ Ultimate Nightmare.. Say Bye Bye to Hollywood!

19 Feb

Wanna watch Black Swan in Singapore?

OK, this is the ultimate nightmare for the movie-goers in our country. American films are boycotted from Indonesia, therefore we aren’t able to watch them in our local cinemas. We are left with D- rated horror movies, the standard romantic movies which the teenagers love, “sexy” movies starring JuPe (Julia Perez), and other types of movies of disappointing quality. I do agree that it would be more boring without the Hollywood blockbusters around, however, when we have them, we misuse the movies and create pirated DVDs.

It is such a big loss for the cinema industry in Indonesia, because cinemas create a lot of employment opportunities for many people. With the disappearance of Hollywood movies, the popularity of cinemas as a place for entertainment and leisure will be decreasing fast. Let’s look at it from the positive point of view. Maybe this is the right time for Indonesian movie directors to bloom and develop the Indonesian film industry. I’m very sure that there are a lot of people in Indonesia who are able of creating cinematic masterpieces which are educative, of better quality, but still entertaining.

Or, maybe you’ll want to watch theatre shows or traditional arts events. Possibly, if shows like these are able to attract more viewers, people will be more interested in the arts industry and pursue the profession of being an artist.

Good movies don’t only come from America anyway. Have you ever watched a movie from Iran, Italy, Spain, China, South America, Mexico, etc? Other international movies are just as good (maybe even better). Let’s hope that if we can’t watch American movies in Indonesia, we can watch movies from other parts of the world.



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