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Corruption Starts at an Early Age…

5 Mar

In Indonesia, corruption is a major problem. People are busy trying to find an effective solution to stop corruption in the “higher level” such as in the government or in big companies. However, not many people realise that corruption starts from an early age due to lack of education from the environment or within the family.

My mother remembered that once she saw a young boy, about 8 years old, riding a motorcycle – without his helmet on, and when the police stopped him, he quickly grabbed some money to bribe the policeman. What went through my mother’s mind were two things = why did his parents let him drive that motorcycle – without a helmet, and who taught him to bribe at such an early age?

Cheating at school is also something that could lead to corruption. So it’s not only in the government or in big companies. Even having a fake drivers licence is a form of cheating which is similar to corruption. If Indonesia wants to stop corruption, we should stop just looking from the top, but start concentrating on problems at the bottom as well. We should look into our bad habits. Now, corruption is a part of our culture. It is that bad. Please don’t teach children how to cheat, teach them how to work hard, teach them how to do their work properly. No matter how much of a small deal we cheat, it can lead to behaviour which can disadvantage so many other people.



Domestic Violence – Those Who Do The Punching Are Those Who Have Problems

24 Feb

Domestic violence

Today I read an online article about a housewife who was constantly beaten up by her own husband, just because she failed to “serve” her husband the way he wanted her to. According to this housewife, ever since they got married in 2000, her husband demanded that he should be treated like a king every day. If his wishes are not granted, the consequences were heavy. In the article I read, the wife experienced heavy beating for 12 hours.

Domestic violence happens everywhere, and happens a lot more than we think. From my point of view, this woman’s husband has an “illness” that is difficult to cure… maybe extreme narcissism. Over the top narcissism – maybe because he has problems himself. Maybe during his childhood, he didn’t receive enough attention, therefore when he stepped into adulthood, he demanded overwhelming attention… just maybe… However, a husband who beats up his wife constantly like that, especially the ones who demand to be treated like a king definitely have some sort of mental/psychological disorder. Maybe when he was younger, he was also abused.

What I’ve been trying to convey is.. people who hurt other people like that want to bring down other people in order to feel better about themselves – when in truth, all humans are the same in the eyes of God. Would the husband be happy if was in his wife’s shoes? Do you think he’d be happy? Couples are supposed to love each other, if one beats the other one up, where is the love here?

Domestic violence can also happen between parent to child. Many kids have been brought up roughly – too roughly. Some experience sexual abuse, some get beaten up, and some receive verbal abuse. Parents need to understand the consequences of their actions, it will affect their childrens personalities in the future.

Those who are experiencing domestic violence.. get some help, find someone to talk to. You are not alone. To those who are abusive and violent – I believe in karma, and later on in your life, you will be feeling an even more painful “punch” in return. Go fix yourself. Ask yourself – Would I want to be treated that way?

Treat people the way you want to be treated.


Reference: The Jakarta Globe: Abused Wife Beaten for 12 Hours for Failing to Serve Husband Drink.

Sidewalks are for PEDESTRIANS, Don’t Tell Me To “Get Out Of The Way”.

14 Feb

Why are you using our sidewalks??

A couple of days ago I was walking home from the bus stop. I was walking on the sidewalk, and I thought to myself, this is the safest place to walk, because no cars and other vehicles could pass through here, and it’s made for pedestrians. WELL HOW WRONG WAS I?? All off a sudden.. 3, 4, 5 motorcycles passed through me in relatively high speed from behind. One of the riders shouted (without manners), “GET OUTTA THE WAY!!”. After that, around 10 more motorcycles passed through again.

Ehm.. excuse me.. YOU’RE the one who’s supposed to get out of the way. This is a sidewalk, and it’s made for pedestrians! Look to your side, there is a BIIIG and LAAARGE road for you to ride your motorcycle on. I’m sure if I walked there, people in cars and motorcycles would be very annoyed. I also don’t like it when people park their motorcycles on the sidewalk. Maybe because there is no more place for them to park their motorcycles around, but it disturbs us pedestrians. It would be dangerous for us to make a circle and walk on the big road just because there is a mass of motorcycles parked on the sidewalk! We could get hit by a car..

Sidewalks are for PEDESTRIANS.


They Are Proud To Call Themselves Persija’s “HOLIGAN” – They Meant “Hooligans”.

30 Jan


I am also a sports fan, even though I am a girl, but I loooove watching sports. So, I can understand sports fanaticism and obsession for the teams that we go for. However, around the world, football (or soccer) fans are known to be troublemakers (especially in big numbers!) because football/soccer is highly popular, and the fans love their teams like crazy, so when their team gets unlucky, the fans get very emotional.

In Indonesia, the term ‘bonek’ (which is the abbreviation of ‘bondho nekat’ – the crazy fans of Persebaya – the Surabayan Footbal Club), is usually related to riots and trouble while watching football. In Jakarta, the football club here is called Persija (Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Jakarta), and some of their fans proudly call themselves ‘HOLIGAN’… Ehm.. you mean Hooligan? I think it does come from the word Hooligan, just misspelled. Do they even know what ‘hooligan’ is?? A Hooligan is someone who is cruel, violent, troublemaker, brutal and aggressive. Usually crazy sports fans overseas who create trouble and causes riots, even deaths are called ‘hooligans’. They have to understand that ‘hooligans’ are the dumbest, no-mannered, no-class type of people.

The “hooligan” status is not something they should be proud of. Maybe here, the term ‘holigan’ or ‘hooligan’ had been mistaken as ‘fans’. Unfortunately, these “holigans” acts exactly like hooligans. But it’s a good thing that their traits are now much better than how it used to be.. I hope their behaviours will improve, please keep your manners, and please be respectful.


Kids These Days, They Think They’re So Cool…

29 Jan

Young people, these days..

Today I was queuing in a shopping centre. In front of me was a bunch of teenage boys, approximately 13-15 year olds. They were singing a popular rock band song while air guitaring in the middle of the queue. They were queuing to buy… cigarettes. I could see from their attitudes that they thought that they were so cool. I was watching the girl behind the counter, her face indicated that she was dying to burst out laughing. Those boys were actually quite amusing, but they didn’t know how funny they actually were – because they thought they were so awesome.

I wonder if their parents are aware that their boys are smoking and singing songs with a lot of four letter words in it.. They copied movements, words, and attitudes from celebrities they see on popular Western television shows, because that’s their idea of ‘cool’.

Yesterday I passed the space for security checks for cars in front of shopping malls and a bunch of teenage boys in the car opened the window and started screaming at the security guard “THERE’S A BOMB!! THERE’S A BOMB IN THIS CAR!!”… I’m sorry, but I don’t find that funny at all. I know it was just a joke (and life shouldn’t be taken too seriously), but that was a very inappropriate joke, especially during these times.

Oh dear, kids these days. They think they’re so cool. Even though, sometimes they’re really not cool at all…


Housemaids Are Humans Too You Know…

8 Jan

They're human too, you know..

Often I walk into my friend’s houses and observe the way they speak to their housemaids. Some are very nice and polite to them, and there are some who are rude, bossy and aren’t very nice to them. Some people I know (who I thought are nice people) talk to their housemaids like they have no feelings!

It’s even worse when housemaids get violently treated. Their bosses can be prosecuted and be put in jail because they have gone against the human rights law. Even speaking crudely, humiliating them and other verbal abuse is supposed to be illegal. It affects the housemaids mentally or psychologically. One of the housemaids in my house used to shake and tremble when my mother called her, so my mother told her to calm down. However, she then told her that she used to be violently abused as a child, both by her own stepparents and her former boss. Her life was so hard, but now she’s much happier working in our household.

Housemaids, like all of us, are human beings too. They have feelings, they run out of energy, they can feel hurt, they can feel physical pain, they can feel tired, they also need enough rest and food. Talk to them like you would talk to your own friends, there’s nothing wrong with telling them stories, or joking them. Even though in human’s eyes they are in a different ‘status’ to us, in God’s eyes we are all the same.


Ethics on Public Transport – Give Your Seat to Those Who Need Them

6 Jan

Don't let a pregnant woman stand on a bus for the whole journey

On public transport, such as a train or a bus, all seats are often taken when the transport is full, especially during peak hour. Not everybody on public transport is perfectly healthy or capable of standing up. I often see an elderly person getting into packed public transport, and nobody is nice enough to give up their seat for them. They pretend not to see him/her, so this poor elderly person is forced to stand up, when everyone else around them is  healthier and physically stronger.

Not only elderly people, but pregnant women and disabled people should be prioritised to get a seat on public transport.

Please don’t just think about yourself when you’re using public transport. It’s called PUBLIC transport because it’s owned by all of us, it’s for us to share. When there is someone who needs a seat more than you please give up your seat to them. I gave a seat to this old woman, she was so happy, and she talked to me through my journey home. Even though it was tiring to stand up, it also made me very happy that I did something kind.

Let’s give up our seats to those who need it more 🙂