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Learn to Think Positively to Attract a Positive Life

8 Mar

You're aaalways complaining!

I’m still young, I’m only 24 years old, but for as long as I have lived, I learned that being negative doesn’t do you any good. I used to be a negative person, especially when I was still in university, when tasks were piling up, and life crisis and issues started to strike – I was sooo negative. I didn’t get what I want by complaining either..

Complaining all the time is the ultimate bad habit of all human beings. However then I realised that complaining doesn’t take me anywhere. So I learnt how to be more positive and more appreciative of myself. If I keep complaining, the things that I complain about would only get worse, and I won’t have a chance to enjoy it, to succeed in it, or to even face it. There are a lot of ways to be a happier person:

Stop comparing yourself to other people. You should love yourself and appreciate yourself. Let’s start from there, if you love yourself, your life will love you in return.

Every day, list the things you are happy about, or the things you can be thankful for, even small things such as “my blanket is so soft and warm, I could sleep well last night” or “I like the sound of the chirping birds”. Write down a minimal of 3 things you can be thankful about. That will gradually make you a more positive person each day, and great things will come by itself because you’ve welcomed them in and attracted them with the positive energy.

Smile, even though you’re having a bad day, help other people – and other people will help you, share, love each other, respect one another.



Indonesia’s Still Far Behind Its Own Neighbouring Country..

27 Jan

Singapore is just next door but we're so different

Yesterday, I returned from Singapore. Every time I visit Singapore, I always think to myself, when will Indonesia be like this? Singapore is such an advanced, clean, and organised country. Sometimes I get confused, what system do they use? Their public transport is so cheap but the service is excellent, the transports are comfortable, the stations are clean, the signage are clear, and the public transport always come on time.

However, we can’t just compare Singapore to Indonesia like that. Singapore is such a small country with very lsmall population, while Indonesia is a massive country with an enormous population (with lots of races, tribes, languages, religions – all living in different islands!). That is why Indonesia is an extremely difficult country to manage.

Nevertheless, there are factors which affect Singapore’s success. The people there are so orderly and disciplined, and they obey the rules. There, public places are owned by everybody, they respect everyone in a public place, they value their buildings and infrastructures. There aren’t many littering and almost no vandalism. In Singapore, the law is very strict. Corruptors can receive a death sentence, or they can get their hand cut off. Malaysia and China adopts the same law. Even smoking in a public transport can really drain your pockets. They charge you A LOT of money for it.

Singapore, just like Indonesia, have a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds, races and religions, however they can live with one another peacefully. There is no ‘my religion is right, your religion is wrong’ dramas, even if there is any, it’s only a minor thing where nobody gets hurt.

For Indonesia, maybe we should start fixing the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport first. Many of the foreign tourists have complained that the signage in the airport is unclear, incomplete and confusing, and I’m sure many of us Indonesians agree that the local airline services and the airport services are not up to the maximum standards (I’ve been in a situation where I was going to Solo, scheduled to leave at 7 PM, but we left at 00.30 AM!).

After going home from Singapore, we were stuck in traffic for hours on our way home. After going home from an orderly country, to Indonesia, I could really feel the difference. If only the people in Indonesia can be encouraged to be more disciplined, to respect each other more, to work hard, this country could be very different.

Yet, we have our own cultures in Indonesia. Yes, the cultures that many of our young people choose to leave behind because it’s just not cool or just not in style. Culture is our last pillar that we need to keep standing strong to support our country. Indonesia is also rich with natural resources. Don’t use it excessively, don’t take it for granted, so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the beauty and the richness of this country. Don’t think too negatively, there are so many other things we can be proud of about this country. Let’s hope that our leaders can bring Indonesia to a better future.


Committing Suicide is Too Easy and Too Selfish

2 Jan

Suicide is not the right way out

In the past week, I noticed in the news that there have been so many people who committed suicide in Indonesia. One happened in East Jakarta (Kompas), in Bandung (, in FX Mall, Jakarta (, and another one in Jakarta ( (Sorry the news links are all in Indonesian). The news makes me feel so sad, because many people out there choose to end their own lives, rather than stand up and not give up. It is very easy for me to say “Don’t give up, keep going”, but we all have a life ahead of us. From all 4 articles above, all four people who committed suicide were still young, they were in the stages when we are all supposed to be learning about life.

If we look at it religiously, God already has a plan for us. There are times when people will feel stumped and in despair, but there will also be time when we’ll rise again and have better days. God would never let us go through an ordeal when HE knows we cannot handle it. HE knows our strengths. If you choose to end your own life, it’s the same as going against God.

Committing suicide is a selfish act – because those who choose to do it are the people who don’t think about how other people around them would feel. If you commit suicide, you will break hearts, including your family’s and your friends’ hearts.

I’ve heard a lot of stories and known a lot of people who have been through tough ordeals, they were depressed, but they did not give up. Many people almost died because of a disease, but they underdtood that life is a gift, and that they were still needed in this world, so they fought for their lives until they were healed. Their positive thinking was extraordinary.

Life is a gift, life can be beautiful if we make it beautiful. Don’t ever feel alone, tell people about your problems. If your problem is too tough (or if you know someone who is going through a tough situation), please call the number below: (if you live in Indonesia)

021 9696 9293

Or you may access this website:

Of you may e-mail:

Pray often, and think positive.

If you live outside of Indonesia:

For more information on suicide, open this link. (World Health Organization – Suicide Prevention, and this link. (International Association for Suicide Prevention)

I hope the websites provided above will be a big help to those who need it.


1/1/11 Can Be a New Beginning For All of Us..

1 Jan

Happy new year!

Happy New Year 2011! I hope that this year will be a more beautiful year, more prosperous, healthier, and more successful!

Have you thought about your new years resolutions? Think of some resolutions that you want to have for this year. What are the goals that you want to achieve? If you have your resolutions already, let’s work hard so we can accomplish them!

Write your resolutions down, read them frequently so you’d remember that you have those goals to attain. Don’t give up too quickly, face this year with spirit and enthusiasm. 1/1/11 can be a new beginning for all of us.