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Queuing Since Dawn…. To Watch Justin Bieber Live!

22 Jan
All I want is to watch Justin Bieber LIVE!!

Saturday, 22 January 2011, a queue in Plaza EX, Central Jakarta, is a biiig riot. This queue is a line to purchase tickets to watch….. Justin Bieber in Live in Concert! The ticket counter was planned to be opened at 9 AM, however some fans arrived at 5 AM… some even showed up at 3 AM! Many of them protested, because the organisers of this event seemed well.. unorganised. 4000 tickets were set to be sold today out of 10,500 tickets in total.

Maybe the committee of this event thought that purchasing tickets for Justin Bieber in Concert is similar to queuing for tickets at the cinema, in order, peaceful, etc. HOWEVER, these teeny-boppers can be rough, they didn’t hesitate to push each other (some fainted and needed medical attention). The competition for this ticket is high, because Justin Bieber is sooo popular.

Gosh it’s like buying a ticket to watch our National Soccer Team in action!