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Corruption Starts at an Early Age…

5 Mar

In Indonesia, corruption is a major problem. People are busy trying to find an effective solution to stop corruption in the “higher level” such as in the government or in big companies. However, not many people realise that corruption starts from an early age due to lack of education from the environment or within the family.

My mother remembered that once she saw a young boy, about 8 years old, riding a motorcycle – without his helmet on, and when the police stopped him, he quickly grabbed some money to bribe the policeman. What went through my mother’s mind were two things = why did his parents let him drive that motorcycle – without a helmet, and who taught him to bribe at such an early age?

Cheating at school is also something that could lead to corruption. So it’s not only in the government or in big companies. Even having a fake drivers licence is a form of cheating which is similar to corruption. If Indonesia wants to stop corruption, we should stop just looking from the top, but start concentrating on problems at the bottom as well. We should look into our bad habits. Now, corruption is a part of our culture. It is that bad. Please don’t teach children how to cheat, teach them how to work hard, teach them how to do their work properly. No matter how much of a small deal we cheat, it can lead to behaviour which can disadvantage so many other people.



What? You’re Still at Home? – Unpunctuality Should Not Be Encouraged

3 Jan

What? You're still at home??

It is incredibly irritating!  Especially when you’ve waited so long, but that person doesn’t respect the promise you’ve made together. It’s even more annoying when they know that you’ve arrived at the meeting place, but they keep relaxing, as if you’re not waiting for them. Other than bad manners, they have also ruined your plans for the day. Does that happen a lot to you? Or are you the type of person who is not punctual?

Unpunctuality is a bad habit for many people in this country. Class was supposed to start at 9, but because most of the students arrive late, the class has been moved to 9.30. Don’t you feel sorry for the kids who actually made an effort to come at the right time? They have obeyed a simple rule.

Even when we make plans to meet a friend in a shopping mall, don’t ignore the importance of a plan or a ‘promise’ you made together. Waiting is not fun. Respect others. Try to be on time.