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Housemaids Are Humans Too You Know…

8 Jan

They're human too, you know..

Often I walk into my friend’s houses and observe the way they speak to their housemaids. Some are very nice and polite to them, and there are some who are rude, bossy and aren’t very nice to them. Some people I know (who I thought are nice people) talk to their housemaids like they have no feelings!

It’s even worse when housemaids get violently treated. Their bosses can be prosecuted and be put in jail because they have gone against the human rights law. Even speaking crudely, humiliating them and other verbal abuse is supposed to be illegal. It affects the housemaids mentally or psychologically. One of the housemaids in my house used to shake and tremble when my mother called her, so my mother told her to calm down. However, she then told her that she used to be violently abused as a child, both by her own stepparents and her former boss. Her life was so hard, but now she’s much happier working in our household.

Housemaids, like all of us, are human beings too. They have feelings, they run out of energy, they can feel hurt, they can feel physical pain, they can feel tired, they also need enough rest and food. Talk to them like you would talk to your own friends, there’s nothing wrong with telling them stories, or joking them. Even though in human’s eyes they are in a different ‘status’ to us, in God’s eyes we are all the same.



Ethics on Public Transport – Give Your Seat to Those Who Need Them

6 Jan

Don't let a pregnant woman stand on a bus for the whole journey

On public transport, such as a train or a bus, all seats are often taken when the transport is full, especially during peak hour. Not everybody on public transport is perfectly healthy or capable of standing up. I often see an elderly person getting into packed public transport, and nobody is nice enough to give up their seat for them. They pretend not to see him/her, so this poor elderly person is forced to stand up, when everyone else around them is  healthier and physically stronger.

Not only elderly people, but pregnant women and disabled people should be prioritised to get a seat on public transport.

Please don’t just think about yourself when you’re using public transport. It’s called PUBLIC transport because it’s owned by all of us, it’s for us to share. When there is someone who needs a seat more than you please give up your seat to them. I gave a seat to this old woman, she was so happy, and she talked to me through my journey home. Even though it was tiring to stand up, it also made me very happy that I did something kind.

Let’s give up our seats to those who need it more 🙂


Hang On… What Are We Demonstrating About??

4 Jan

What are we protesting about?

Students, rather than skipping university/college classes and joining demonstrations, let’s go to class and learn more so we can fix our country.

Don’t join demonstrations when you don’t even know what you’re demonstrating about.

…and don’t cause a riot. The whole point of having a demonstration is to express your opinions to those you’re protesting to so there would be a change for the better. So we have to look believable, professional, act with manners, ethical and we have to make sense. If you’re only there to create a riot, why would they want to listen to you?


Annoying Things People Do On the Internet

4 Jan

There's a lot of annoying people out there...

Internet, we can hardly live without it nowadays. Every day we use it for communication, work, socialising, but a lot of people use it to annoy each other. Many things that people do on the internet irritate and bother a lot of other internet users. There are also many articles written about “annoying things people do in the internet”, some I agree with, and some I don’t.

Things that are not-so-annoying:

1. Adding people you don’t even know in social networks. Most online articles say that this is one of the most annoying things people do online. I disagree, because you have the choice of rejecting the friendship if you want. But I’ve also met people through Facebook, and we end up being good friends, we help each other, we entertain each other, we share. Facebook is also made for networking. For artists, networking is very important. If you really don’t know the person who added you , and there are no friends in common, you can just reject the person, it’s not a big deal. However, if you want to add someone you don’t know, I think it’s best to explain why you want to add them in the personal message box provided. But please be careful when you make friends online, because it could be very dangerous. You don’t know whether the person you’ve just added was a fake profile or not (I will explain later).

2. People who have a loooot of online friends. It’s their business. Maybe they’re using social networks for networking, maybe a lot of people do know them, or maybe this person have lived in a several countries, who knows. Don’t judge by the amount of friends. Humans are allowed to make friends with whoever they want, and there’s no limit to it.

Now these are the more annoying ones!

1. Communicating with crude language and being very offensive in chatrooms, social networks, and online forums. Don’t talk crudely, don’t be offensive, unless you want to make yourself look bad in front of many people. Especially when you insult other countries, other religions/beliefs. Even insulting other people’s idols can be very annoying. Talking crudely and offensively can trigger cyberbullying, which has  been proven as a cause of teen depression and suicide. Be careful with what you say.

2. Creating viruses and spreading them. What’s wrong with you? Why do you want to ruin computers, even the ones owned by people you don’t even know? Have you got problems? Or are you just having fun? You’re definitely damaging other people.. financially and emotionally!

3. Hackers. Go away! We don’t like you! You can’t even respect privacy.

4. Scam online programs. We see advertisement about online programs that can earn you  a ridiculous amounts of money. The person who gets rich is the person who owns the program, and you’re all being scammed. There are some money making programs online which are legitimate, but there are also some liars out there who just steal your money. Believe me, been there done that. When it sounds like it’s too good to be true, don’t go there.

5. Invitations to Mafia Wars/Vampire Wars/Farmville, etc. No I don’t want to play these games! please stop inviting me! the difference between this, and having friendship invitations from people you don’t know, is at least when you reject them, they don’t add you again, but invitations for these games… keep on coming!

6. Spam e-mails. Dear Mr. Robert Mombazi from wherever you are. No, I do not want to send you any money, thank you. I don’t care if you think this is God’s will. However, my inbox folder is smart enough to reject your email and stores it in the spam folder instead, because your email is really unimportant.

7. Sending big-sized e-mails. When you’re sending e-mails which are megabytes big, please you http://www.yousendit.com instead. That way you’re not going to crash someone else’s computer.

8. Child Pornography. Enough said.

9. Sexual Predators. There are a lot of people out there who create fake accounts with fake photographs, fake statuses, fake names, create a whole new fake life to lure their targets, asks their ‘targets’ to meet up with them, then they rape, and possibly kill. Please be careful with people who you get to know online. Don’t give away too much information.

10. BIG small BIG small numbers symbol BIG small. sEriOuzLy, wRiTinGs LiK3 Th3$e R soooo ANNOYING!

Yeah so that’s my list of the most annoying things people do online.. 🙂


Nobody Wants To Hear Your Phone Conversation In The Cinema!

1 Jan

Shshshsh... go outside if you want to talk!

Every time my brother comes home from the cinema, he would always complain about how loud people talk in the movie theatre. I agree. Sometimes they speak in the same volume as if they’re speaking outside – and as if nobody’s listening. People want to hear the conversation in the movie, not someone else’s conversation on the phone! We don’t even want to listen to the conversation between you and your friend next to you. We want to listen to the movie.

I think it’s rude and inconsiderate to talk loudly while the movie is playing. If it isn’t an emergency, don’t talk on your phone, and please don’t talk so loudly. Why can’t you text message instead? What’s so hard about that? Sometimes people don’t even put their phone on silent mode. OK, now I’m starting to sound like my mother!

How about the person behind you starts kicking your seat. Those people I despise most in the movie theatre. They disturb your peace. I am also loud and talkative, you know, but I know when to be quiet, especially in a public place such as a movie theatre, where there is actually a rule saying “please be quiet”. It’s a public place. Think about other people too,.. the world doesn’t revolve around YOU.


Bullying Is For Losers Who Can’t Earn Our Respect

1 Jan

Senior vs. Junior

Bullying still exists until today. Seniority happens everywhere.. in the schools, offices, the Army,… everywhere. Tradition teaches us that we have to respect those who are older than us. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who misuse their seniority. Some feel that they are more important than others, some feel like they’re always right, there are also others who feels like they’re the best, and nobody can go against them. But this sort of mentality is the type of mentality I do not want to support. It is true that we have to respect people who are older than us, but older people, or the seniors, have to learn how to earn our respect! Don’t just boss around and bully other people.

Seniority starts at school. The seniors feel like they own the school, and if there are juniors who appear to be a threat to them, or break their “rules”, they start bullying the juniors to spread fear, and so that the juniors would do as they say – even though the juniors have done nothing wrong. Sometimes the seniors just want to show their power, flex their muscles.

When I was at school, I was one of the brave kind of juniors, I liked to stand up for myself, and many of my seniors disliked me for it. I was brought up in a family who taught me to stand up for myself (if I know that I am right). I remember being bullied once, and I was brave enough to talk back. When I went home, my mother rewarded me with a big bucket of chocolate ice cream. I didn’t care if many of my seniors didn’t like me. I was at school, so I’d rather focus on my studies, and that year when I got bullied, I was at the top of my class. Bullying didn’t affect me at all because it wasn’t the severe type of bullying. However, it does affect many people. It triggers suicide, depression, and many personality disorders.

So, if you are a senior student, and someone from a junior class annoys you, please tell them nicely. Be a good example to the younger kids.  That way, they would respect you, not hate you. If the juniors are being rude and offensive, it’s not a case you can handle yourself. Please tell a teacher or your principal, they will work it out. Bullying creates social inequality, rather than harmony. Just because you are older, it doesn’t mean that you are always right, and that you know best. Let’s stop bullying!


Please read Sharing a Love of Teaching, a blog by Michael G. for more information and articles on bullying.