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No Wonder Why Jakarta Floods So Often…

2 Jan

Bad Habit

The rainy season was supposed to stop last July 2010, but it kept on raining throughout 2010. This sort of weather only happens every 5 years or so. Unfortunately, weather like this is very dangerous for some of us who live in parts of Jakarta which are easily flooded. One of the biggest factors of why floods happen so often in this city is because the people don’t throw rubbish in the bins, so the rubbish blocks the drains and other places where water should be able to flow. Jakarta is a highly populated city, so the amount of rubbish is also immense. But it seems like many people in this city still don’t really care about throwing rubbish at the proper place. After they finish drinking their Coca Colas, they just throw it out their car window.

What irritates me the most is when I see people throwing rubbish AROUND the rubbish bin.. not INTO the rubbish bin. As if the rubbish bin is invisible. Seriously, it’s not so hard to put your rubbish into the rubbish bin! Some people are born with a lazy mentality, when they’re supposed to throw rubbish away, they would say “don’t worry, someone else will clean up after me”. Imagine 10 million people having that kind of mentality, how many rubbish would be blown by the wind and end up blocking the drains?

I often come across school children who visit museums or factories, and they would throw rubbish carelessly.. and guess what, the teachers are doing the same thing! They are supposed to educate the children to care for the environment. Rubbish can also start diseases and make the beautiful environment look… ugly. When Jakarta is flooded, don’t you dare say “Oh, God is giving us a lesson”. (That’s really stupid, don’t you ever blame it on God) these things could be prevented by us humans. I thought “throw your rubbish into the bin” is something that you learn when you were a very young, why oh why is it so hard to be accepted by the adult brain? Let’s all stop this bad habit!