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Spitting in Public Spaces – A Disgusting Habit …….. Just.. EW.

24 Feb

Spitting in a public space... oh ew.... disgusting

Almost every time I am in a public space, I notice a lot of people are spitting onto the ground. Ew… they are .. SO disgusting! Everybody has to know that when people spit, a lot of germs are spread publicly. Other than how disgusting spitting is, it’s also bad manners – especially when you make sounds which are so uncomfortable to hear when you’re trying to push that bit of mucous from your throat…. eerggghh.. please. Not in public. Go find yourself a bathroom.. flush it down the toilet, or wash it down a¬† bathroom basin. This is one of Indonesia’s biggest bad habits – and it is seen everywhere very, very frequently, and people from all walks of life do it. Even those who are dressed neatly in business suits do it! Please don’t make spitting in public spaces a habit. It is just DISGUSTING.



Throwing Patients Out of Hospitals Is Immoral

12 Jan

You can't afford to be treated here any longer...

Last November, I read in the news, an old man who was treated in a hospital in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi was told that he couldn’t stay in that hospital anymore. The doctors told him to leave because the hospital’s “operational permissions letters” had expired. The hospital management said that they were “in the process of re-applying”.

In Samarinda, South Kalimantan, a patient were also thrown out of the hospital because she couldn’t pay the hospital bills. Hearing about these events upsets me.

Shouldn’t the “operational permissions letters” be re-applied before the letters¬† expired? Not proactive enough, management! And these people who can’t afford hospitals should be supported by the government, or else, at least the hospital can let them stay until they get better, then they can pay by installments, little by little… But throwing them out of their hospital beds is just immoral. A hospital is supposed to be a place where they can get help!

Where is the mutual assistance between everyone here that they keep on talking about? Where is the moral in all of this? Isn’t there a system that they can used to prevent this from happening?