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Domestic Violence – Those Who Do The Punching Are Those Who Have Problems

24 Feb

Domestic violence

Today I read an online article about a housewife who was constantly beaten up by her own husband, just because she failed to “serve” her husband the way he wanted her to. According to this housewife, ever since they got married in 2000, her husband demanded that he should be treated like a king every day. If his wishes are not granted, the consequences were heavy. In the article I read, the wife experienced heavy beating for 12 hours.

Domestic violence happens everywhere, and happens a lot more than we think. From my point of view, this woman’s husband has an “illness” that is difficult to cure… maybe extreme narcissism. Over the top narcissism – maybe because he has problems himself. Maybe during his childhood, he didn’t receive enough attention, therefore when he stepped into adulthood, he demanded overwhelming attention… just maybe… However, a husband who beats up his wife constantly like that, especially the ones who demand to be treated like a king definitely have some sort of mental/psychological disorder. Maybe when he was younger, he was also abused.

What I’ve been trying to convey is.. people who hurt other people like that want to bring down other people in order to feel better about themselves – when in truth, all humans are the same in the eyes of God. Would the husband be happy if was in his wife’s shoes? Do you think he’d be happy? Couples are supposed to love each other, if one beats the other one up, where is the love here?

Domestic violence can also happen between parent to child. Many kids have been brought up roughly – too roughly. Some experience sexual abuse, some get beaten up, and some receive verbal abuse. Parents need to understand the consequences of their actions, it will affect their childrens personalities in the future.

Those who are experiencing domestic violence.. get some help, find someone to talk to. You are not alone. To those who are abusive and violent – I believe in karma, and later on in your life, you will be feeling an even more painful “punch” in return. Go fix yourself. Ask yourself – Would I want to be treated that way?

Treat people the way you want to be treated.


Reference: The Jakarta Globe: Abused Wife Beaten for 12 Hours for Failing to Serve Husband Drink.


Housemaids Are Humans Too You Know…

8 Jan

They're human too, you know..

Often I walk into my friend’s houses and observe the way they speak to their housemaids. Some are very nice and polite to them, and there are some who are rude, bossy and aren’t very nice to them. Some people I know (who I thought are nice people) talk to their housemaids like they have no feelings!

It’s even worse when housemaids get violently treated. Their bosses can be prosecuted and be put in jail because they have gone against the human rights law. Even speaking crudely, humiliating them and other verbal abuse is supposed to be illegal. It affects the housemaids mentally or psychologically. One of the housemaids in my house used to shake and tremble when my mother called her, so my mother told her to calm down. However, she then told her that she used to be violently abused as a child, both by her own stepparents and her former boss. Her life was so hard, but now she’s much happier working in our household.

Housemaids, like all of us, are human beings too. They have feelings, they run out of energy, they can feel hurt, they can feel physical pain, they can feel tired, they also need enough rest and food. Talk to them like you would talk to your own friends, there’s nothing wrong with telling them stories, or joking them. Even though in human’s eyes they are in a different ‘status’ to us, in God’s eyes we are all the same.