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Indonesia – 12 Biggest Economies In The World by 2025? Yeah, Right…

14 Feb

Indonesia's targets are unrealistic

Oh so this is the problem! This is one of Indonesia’s biggest problems!… When our Government sets a target.. they set unrealistic ones that would be almost impossible for us to achieve! They will be pushing the country to reach this target and we are so obviously not capable of doing it.

The Indonesian Government declared that Indonesia is targeting to be one of the 12 biggest and most established economies .. IN THE WORLD.. by 2025. Ooooh dear, we can’t even control the price of chillies, and now we’re trying to be the biggest economy.. yeah, right. I don’t mean to be negative, but how are we supposed to improve when you give us difficult targets? It’s like giving a high school algebra question to a first grade student. Even if we do get to be one of the 12 biggest economies in the world, but with all the social inequalities and the poverty, it’s all just a lie.

Why don’t we focus on improving our education system? Or the protection of TKI (Migrant Workers)? or the conservation of museums to increase tourism income? All of those could help the Indonesian economy. If our country is pushed and forced to be one of the biggest economies, a lot of people may suffer in the process. Indonesia could end up being the country with  ‘Biggest National Debt’ or ‘Biggest Number of Corruption Cases’. If we want the Indonesian economy to improve, Indonesian people should stop being selfish and greedy. The ones who get rich are only some lucky individuals..

Actually, Indonesia CAN be a successful country, especially if we look at our agricultural and natural resources. However, the glitch in our system is very obvious when we compare the fate of the farmers and the company owners. Social inequality is so obvious. Indonesia has one of the biggest centralisation problems in the world, everything happens in Jakarta. Jakarta is the centre of economy and business, centre of politics, centre of commercialism, centre of entertainment, etc. So employment can mostly be found in Jakarta.

It’s much better to create smaller targets that are possible to achieve, and create bigger targets later, than creating huge, difficult and unrealistic targets which encourages the government to force, lie and corrupt, while the people suffer.



Queuing Since Dawn…. To Watch Justin Bieber Live!

22 Jan
All I want is to watch Justin Bieber LIVE!!

Saturday, 22 January 2011, a queue in Plaza EX, Central Jakarta, is a biiig riot. This queue is a line to purchase tickets to watch….. Justin Bieber in Live in Concert! The ticket counter was planned to be opened at 9 AM, however some fans arrived at 5 AM… some even showed up at 3 AM! Many of them protested, because the organisers of this event seemed well.. unorganised. 4000 tickets were set to be sold today out of 10,500 tickets in total.

Maybe the committee of this event thought that purchasing tickets for Justin Bieber in Concert is similar to queuing for tickets at the cinema, in order, peaceful, etc. HOWEVER, these teeny-boppers can be rough, they didn’t hesitate to push each other (some fainted and needed medical attention). The competition for this ticket is high, because Justin Bieber is sooo popular.

Gosh it’s like buying a ticket to watch our National Soccer Team in action!


Crime Happens Every 9 Minutes 56 Seconds in Jabodetabek

18 Jan

Watch out for thieves!

The crime rate in Indonesia has increased drastically, especially in its capital city of Jakarta. Did you know, that crime happens every 9 minutes and 56 seconds in Jakarta? 248 out of 100,000 people are victims. Criminal cases found in Jakarta include murder, motor vehicle theft, gambling, pick-pockets, kidnapping, rape and stabbings.

Due to the overwhelming number of criminal cases, only 55,3% of the cases are able to be solved. There are 31,153 police officers, so each police handles 711 people. In 2010 itself, there were 55,006 criminal cases in Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi), estimated 150 cases per day.

This crime wave is caused by the large number of poverty and unemployment. Poverty rates decreased by 3,4% since the year before, yet unemployment increased by 2,4%. Poverty and unemployment can be connected to the education crisis, the economic crisis and the big corruption problem. These are highly complicated and difficult problems, a young person like me who has little experience still can’t give you any good input or ideas. However, it might be a good idea to have police officers undercover, dressed in normal clothing, patrolling in public transports (many criminal acts are found in public transports), or other places where crime can usually be found. Just an idea.. maybe it could help…

The increase in the crime rate disturbs the peacefulness of people’s lives. Everywhere you go, you are at risk and feel less comfortable. For those who often spend a lot of time outside in a public place, or in places where crimes are prevelent, be extra careful. Always carry a bag that you can close, carry it carefully, put your mobile phone in silent mode, and if you can.. bring a friend. Sometimes you can get your wallet stolen and you won’t even feel it, because the thief has learned advanced stealing techniques. I don’t mean to scare everyone, but it’s better to be wary and on guard wherever we go.


Damn, I am Stuck in the Traffic Yet Again..

2 Jan

Damn, I'm stuck in traffic.......... AGAIN

Life in Jakarta is dominated by… sitting in the car for hours.. in the traffic. Ten years ago, to get from one place to another would have taken 15 minutes, and for that same distance today, it can take an hour or more. The cause of these traffic jams are all different. Sometimes it’s just something small and insignificant, but it creates a biiiig traffic jam. I have tried to collect the reasons why traffic jams happen so often..

1. Accidents. Ok, accidents are sometimes unavoidable, traffic jams happen inevitably during motor accidents. However, if people would stop rubbernecking, the traffic jam wouldn’t be as bad!

2. Flood. When there’s a flood, chances are a car sometimes breaks down in the middle of the traffic. Cars can’t speed when half of its tyres are  under water anyway. Stop throwing  rubbish carelessly causing blocked drains.

3. Self-centred drivers / drivers who don’t follow rules. There is always that someone who loses his/her patience in the middle of the traffic, and takes a turn that they shouldn’t have taken – at the wrong place, and at the wrong time, and causes a huge tangle. Oh dear.

4. Street vendors. Buying things through your car windows take a while, and people block the street when they’re trying to do a transaction. Cars behind may be impatient, so they try to sneak out of the lane.. and again.. they jam the street.

5. Peak hour. The busiest hours of the day are filled with people going to work or going home from work. Even the three-in-one system doesn’t work, people here make a business out of it, by offering to be the third passenger of the car.

There are a lot more reasons why traffic jams happen so often in Jakarta. I live in Tangerang. When I first moved into this city 10 years ago, it was so peaceful and quiet. Now, it’s packed with cars! Indonesia is very centralised. Everything happens in Jakarta, it is the commercial capital, the business capital, the political capital. Sooo many people live here. I guess there could be less traffic jams if people stop being so emotional and self-centred. The streets and the roads are public places, we have to work together, we can’t just think about ourselves.


No Wonder Why Jakarta Floods So Often…

2 Jan

Bad Habit

The rainy season was supposed to stop last July 2010, but it kept on raining throughout 2010. This sort of weather only happens every 5 years or so. Unfortunately, weather like this is very dangerous for some of us who live in parts of Jakarta which are easily flooded. One of the biggest factors of why floods happen so often in this city is because the people don’t throw rubbish in the bins, so the rubbish blocks the drains and other places where water should be able to flow. Jakarta is a highly populated city, so the amount of rubbish is also immense. But it seems like many people in this city still don’t really care about throwing rubbish at the proper place. After they finish drinking their Coca Colas, they just throw it out their car window.

What irritates me the most is when I see people throwing rubbish AROUND the rubbish bin.. not INTO the rubbish bin. As if the rubbish bin is invisible. Seriously, it’s not so hard to put your rubbish into the rubbish bin! Some people are born with a lazy mentality, when they’re supposed to throw rubbish away, they would say “don’t worry, someone else will clean up after me”. Imagine 10 million people having that kind of mentality, how many rubbish would be blown by the wind and end up blocking the drains?

I often come across school children who visit museums or factories, and they would throw rubbish carelessly.. and guess what, the teachers are doing the same thing! They are supposed to educate the children to care for the environment. Rubbish can also start diseases and make the beautiful environment look… ugly. When Jakarta is flooded, don’t you dare say “Oh, God is giving us a lesson”. (That’s really stupid, don’t you ever blame it on God) these things could be prevented by us humans. I thought “throw your rubbish into the bin” is something that you learn when you were a very young, why oh why is it so hard to be accepted by the adult brain? Let’s all stop this bad habit!


…Where’s the Bus??

2 Jan

..........where's the bus??

Lately, the city of Jakarta is filled with more traffic jams, cars and motorcycles are now sneaking into the Busway lane. This causes the buses to arrive extremely late and the passengers become really disappointed, especially in corridor IX. This is caused by the lack of track dividers and traffic police officers who keep the Busway lanes free of cars and motorcycles. On Sunday, January 2nd, cars and motorcycles would selfishly sneak into the Busway lane because it’s a holiday. However, if people keep making this into a habit, they’ll keep doing it even during regular working days.

Fortunately, starting on the 3rd of January, the monitoring of Busway lanes will resume again. For Jakarta road users, let’s all work together, please be patient. If you know you’re going to be stuck in traffic, leave earlier, or find an alternative route. Don’t just think about yourself, believe me, everybody wants to get to their destinations quickly too.

Jakarta oh Jakarta, you’re so overpopulated.