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Don’t You Think We Have Enough Shopping Malls Already?

1 Jan

Mall.. AGAIN??

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, and this city is a sea of malls. There are waaayy too many malls here! Even all the way to the outskirts of the city, more malls are being built. First of all, I would like to say sorry to those who like to ‘hang out’ in malls, watch movies, have dates, eat, shop, etc. But don’t you think there are already too many malls here? When I was in high school, Senayan City was being built, now Gandaria City is in its finishing stages. What’s next?

I know that the financial and commercial value of building a mall is very high, but why don’t property developers¬† really get enthused about building.. say.. an arts centre? Jakarta already has Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Arts Centre), but the building is so small, it can only fit 300 seats. We also have Taman Ismail Marzuki (Ismail Marzuki Garden), and it gets fully booked frequently. We need another arts centre where our performing artists can hold shows for us, one with excellent acoustics and lighting, something this city or this country can be proud of. Yet, to most business-savvy property developers.. art is just… not important.

Or what about a sports centre? We really want our athletes to perform well in the Olympics, don’t we? Might as well give them the right facilities! The facilities in Indonesia for sportspeople are in a shocking state. I think building a proper sports centre is a great way to make Indonesians become better athletes. Maybe they can build a health centre there where they can have physiotherapy, a gym, a swimming pool. I know the budget must be really expensive, but rather than building another mall? No wonder this city floods all the time. Or maybe, instead of building more buildings, we can create big parks in the middle of the city. We definitely need them.

I just want Indonesia to build more useful buildings in the future..