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Don’t Waste Your Money On Something You Don’t Need

3 Jan

Don't spend your money on stuff you don't need

I know a lot of people who have borrowed money, even though they have a stable income and a stable job. I’ve borrowed money once, but that was because my ATM card was swallowed by the machine, and even then I didn’t feel comfortable borrowing money.

I was not a smart saver. Now when I receive money, I save it, but a long time ago I used to spend it right away. Sometimes I spent my money on stupid thing I didn’t even need, just to buy stuff that made me temporarily happy. Silly of me, really, all my money was gone. Now I’m a bit more careful.

I know some people who earn stable income, but they always say that they’re struggling economically (dramatising the reality). I know they have kids and a spouse to feed, but I know some people who earn as much as they do, have a family – but are doing great economically! Those ones who complain about their economic situations are the people who spend their money on upgrading their mobile phones, clubbing, buying alcohol (expensive here), and other things which are reeeally unimportant.

Don’t just think about what you need today, think about what you would need in the future. Your children need to go to school, your family needs to eat. When you have money, save it. When you know you don’t earn much, don’t live luxuriously. That’s stupid. Money going out is more than money coming in.

Value your money, remember how hard you work for it. Don’t waste it, and remember that saving it can give you and your family a better future.


University Years Are The Years When We Are Supposed to Grow Up

1 Jan

Mummy's girl wants some more money..

I spent four years studying in Melbourne. I never expected to see that many Indonesians studying in that city. They were everywhere, and most of them had a very comfortable environment and lifestyle. My parents gave me a strict budget, my rent should not exceed $600 per month. So I had to live in a humble share house where I shared the electricity and gas bills.

However, I used to see so many Indonesian students shopping any chance they had (and the things they bought weren’t that cheap either!). It seemed as if they never ran out of money. They lived in high-class apartments – all they did was call home and asked for more money if they ran out of it. I felt annoyed. Aren’t you supposed to learn how to save money while you’re still studying? Aren’t you supposed to learn how to be independent, learn how to solve problems? But these students seemed like their life had no challenge. When they were supposed to be focusing on their subjects, learning about life, they’re off shopping. No challenge at all, they’re already living in a nice apartment, with a car bought by their parents.

I used to be so wasteful. I spent so much money on things I didn’t even need, and of course my mother yelled at me through the phone, even though she was 5000 miles away in Indonesia. But she taught me that while I’m overseas, I was there to study to become somebody. It wasn’t a holiday, it wasn’t a time to shop. I was there to focus on my studies. It’s the time for me to grow up. So I decided to get a job. Through my university years, I worked as a childcare worker, a bread shop attendant, a barista, the university gallery front office volunteer, and also a retail salesperson. I gained a lot more friends, many experiences and money that I earned myself. I was old enough to help my parents financially, and so could the other university students.