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I’ve Got One Face, Why Have You Got Two? – About Hypocrisy

10 Jan

But why do you act all nice and friendly in front, but trash them behind your back?

“Two faced” or “back stabbing” is often heard in the social world. The formal term for them is “hypocrite”. Hypocrisy can cause social tension, splitting of a community and heart break.

Don’t say something and do something completely the opposite to what you just said.

Please don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t lie and manipulate people. It’s unethical. If it is so hard to accept or appreciate your friend, it’s better to stop being friends rather thanĀ  back stab someone, but act nicely in front of them.

I myself have to learn how not to be two faced. It’s an art of its own. It’s hard not to talk badly about other people. It’s a bad habit that is best left behind. If you don’t like them, leave them, rather than be a hypocrite, and confuse other people.



Learn How to Appreciate Your Friends if You Want Your Friendships to Last

5 Jan

I don't like that person...

Since I was young, I have a lot of friends. There are some who are still friends with me, some I haven’t met in a long time, and there are some who I don’t speak to on purpose. From all of my friendship experiences, I’ve made the conclusion that if you want your friendships to last, we have to able to appreciate the differences between each other. We can’t just judge others. This is an art that I am still learning.

Everyone was given their own brain, so everyone’s thoughts and point of views are different. Our emotions are also different, and the ability of each humans to handle problems are also different. We all have to remember that everyone has a different journey in life, and different experiences which made them who they are today. Each person have their own personalities, and if you can’t appreciate someone’s personality, it’s better not to be friends with them, or at least stop talking to them so often.

To give an opinion to your friend is allowed, sometimes it may help our friend when he/she is having a problem. But when your friend cannot accept your opinion, don’t force it, don’t get all emotional, don’t act like you know it all, because they probably know what’s best for themselves too. Even though if they don’t know what’s best for them, we can still support them. Everyone has their own journey. If it’s none of your business, then don’t get involved. Don’t underestimate your friend too, if they are weak in some things, they may be strong in some other things too.

I have a friend, her name is Elise. Elise and I went to art school together, and there was also a time when we lived in a shared house together. I’m sure I annoyed her sometimes. I always demanded my friends to be on time to every event, and Elise is not that kind of person who likes to be on time. We have different opinions on a lot of things. But Elise always appreciated me, she respected my opinions and never underestimated me. Now I really miss her because we haven’t met in years and we live in separate countries. But I’m sure we’ll meet again someday.

Until today, I’m still learning how to appreciate my friends. If we can’t appreciate our friends, then we’re going to run out of them! We can’t just decide that he’s annoying, she’s annoying, they’re annoying. Open your eyes and learn how to see the positive side of everyone.