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Nobody Wants To Hear Your Phone Conversation In The Cinema!

1 Jan

Shshshsh... go outside if you want to talk!

Every time my brother comes home from the cinema, he would always complain about how loud people talk in the movie theatre. I agree. Sometimes they speak in the same volume as if they’re speaking outside – and as if nobody’s listening. People want to hear the conversation in the movie, not someone else’s conversation on the phone! We don’t even want to listen to the conversation between you and your friend next to you. We want to listen to the movie.

I think it’s rude and inconsiderate to talk loudly while the movie is playing. If it isn’t an emergency, don’t talk on your phone, and please don’t talk so loudly. Why can’t you text message instead? What’s so hard about that? Sometimes people don’t even put their phone on silent mode. OK, now I’m starting to sound like my mother!

How about the person behind you starts kicking your seat. Those people I despise most in the movie theatre. They disturb your peace. I am also loud and talkative, you know, but I know when to be quiet, especially in a public place such as a movie theatre, where there is actually a rule saying “please be quiet”. It’s a public place. Think about other people too,.. the world doesn’t revolve around YOU.



Why Do Indonesians Love LOUD NOISE?

1 Jan

Hello, we want to socialise here!

A couple of days ago, my family went out for a meal in a restaurant, which was located in a shopping mall. However, we had trouble speaking to each other because the music was sooo loud! My mother called a waitress to ask her if she could turn the music down. Unfortunately the music didn’t come from the restaurant, it was from the main speaker of the mall. So, we had to spend the rest of our visit screaming to each other.

A while ago I went to a restaurant to meet my friends. They had a live band playing, which was actually a good band, but the music was sooo loud. My friends were both sitting less than 1 metre away from me, and they couldn’t hear me speaking, even if I yelled at them.

Big shopping malls are usually the chosen public space to hold promotions and even concerts – and the noise level is usually shocking, sometimes we have trouble ordering our meals especially when children’s shows are being held. I am pretty sure that the microphone volume of the MCs don’t need to be THAT loud, I can usually hear them from outside of the mall – and clearly!

My mum used to join a fitness centre, and as usual, fitness centres here plays incredibly loud music (it’s not like this overseas!). My mum said that people who would protest about the noise level would mostly be the foreigners. Does that indicate that Indonesians love loud music/noises?

There’s nothing wrong with loud music, only if you’re playing in a band, in a concert, in a theatre show, or in a club. But don’t have loud music playing in places where people go to socialise such as restaurants and cafes. Other than making it hard for people to socialise, loud music causes headaches, and decrease the quality of  hearing. So, if you’re a manager of a restaurant/cafe/shopping mall, please please please don’t put the music on so loud. We’d like to hear our friends speaking.