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Spitting in Public Spaces – A Disgusting Habit …….. Just.. EW.

24 Feb

Spitting in a public space... oh ew.... disgusting

Almost every time I am in a public space, I notice a lot of people are spitting onto the ground. Ew… they are .. SO disgusting! Everybody has to know that when people spit, a lot of germs are spread publicly. Other than how disgusting spitting is, it’s also bad manners – especially when you make sounds which are so uncomfortable to hear when you’re trying to push that bit of mucous from your throat…. eerggghh.. please. Not in public. Go find yourself a bathroom.. flush it down the toilet, or wash it down a  bathroom basin. This is one of Indonesia’s biggest bad habits – and it is seen everywhere very, very frequently, and people from all walks of life do it. Even those who are dressed neatly in business suits do it! Please don’t make spitting in public spaces a habit. It is just DISGUSTING.



Indonesia’s Still Far Behind Its Own Neighbouring Country..

27 Jan

Singapore is just next door but we're so different

Yesterday, I returned from Singapore. Every time I visit Singapore, I always think to myself, when will Indonesia be like this? Singapore is such an advanced, clean, and organised country. Sometimes I get confused, what system do they use? Their public transport is so cheap but the service is excellent, the transports are comfortable, the stations are clean, the signage are clear, and the public transport always come on time.

However, we can’t just compare Singapore to Indonesia like that. Singapore is such a small country with very lsmall population, while Indonesia is a massive country with an enormous population (with lots of races, tribes, languages, religions – all living in different islands!). That is why Indonesia is an extremely difficult country to manage.

Nevertheless, there are factors which affect Singapore’s success. The people there are so orderly and disciplined, and they obey the rules. There, public places are owned by everybody, they respect everyone in a public place, they value their buildings and infrastructures. There aren’t many littering and almost no vandalism. In Singapore, the law is very strict. Corruptors can receive a death sentence, or they can get their hand cut off. Malaysia and China adopts the same law. Even smoking in a public transport can really drain your pockets. They charge you A LOT of money for it.

Singapore, just like Indonesia, have a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds, races and religions, however they can live with one another peacefully. There is no ‘my religion is right, your religion is wrong’ dramas, even if there is any, it’s only a minor thing where nobody gets hurt.

For Indonesia, maybe we should start fixing the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport first. Many of the foreign tourists have complained that the signage in the airport is unclear, incomplete and confusing, and I’m sure many of us Indonesians agree that the local airline services and the airport services are not up to the maximum standards (I’ve been in a situation where I was going to Solo, scheduled to leave at 7 PM, but we left at 00.30 AM!).

After going home from Singapore, we were stuck in traffic for hours on our way home. After going home from an orderly country, to Indonesia, I could really feel the difference. If only the people in Indonesia can be encouraged to be more disciplined, to respect each other more, to work hard, this country could be very different.

Yet, we have our own cultures in Indonesia. Yes, the cultures that many of our young people choose to leave behind because it’s just not cool or just not in style. Culture is our last pillar that we need to keep standing strong to support our country. Indonesia is also rich with natural resources. Don’t use it excessively, don’t take it for granted, so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the beauty and the richness of this country. Don’t think too negatively, there are so many other things we can be proud of about this country. Let’s hope that our leaders can bring Indonesia to a better future.