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Rather Than Watching Too Much TV Shows, Let’s Read!

12 Jan

Let's read!

Lately, I’ve discovered peace when I read. Reading transports me to a whole new world, even though I don’t like reading fiction. I prefer reading non-fictional books, or something that is based on history. The most fictional books I read are the ones that are based on mythology and culture. I’ve been reading a lot lately, which is why I forgot to update this blog, hehe.

Ever sinceĀ  technology started to develop rapidly, people, especially the younger generations would rather watch TV or play video games. Even when they read, they read magazines. I didn’t use to like reading, not until I got into tertiary education, then I started to appreciate reading. My university had a good library, big and complete.

Books are the window to the world and the source of knowledge. Rather than watching too much TV and playing video games, let’s read instead. Knowledge is a treasure. Accumulate it, soak it up, and don’t ever leave it behind.