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The Last SMS You Send While Driving Might Be Your Last SMS EVER

12 Jan

Don't SMS while you drive!

Very often I see people text while they drive. They drive like a drunk person because they can’t concentrate on one thing only.

People often say “I can do both at the same time, it’s alright!” (oh so confidently) But you will never know what you can cause to yourself and to other people, just because you were using your phone. People never think that these things can happen to them, and when it does, it’s usually too late. We don’t just put ourselves in danger, but we also endanger other people’s lives.

When it’s really an emergency and you HAVE to pick up your phone, just pull over. Don’t just think that you’ll be alright when you text while you’re driving, but think about other people too.

Do you want to see what could happen to you if you text while you drive? click here (18 years old +)



Only in Indonesia 2 – Enjoying the View From The Roof of a Train!

3 Jan

Brave or Reckless?

I’m just being hyperbolic, we see this in other Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka. But we see this A LOT here, the train’s too full so they just jump on to the roof.. and they’re actually enjoying their ride… watching the view, sometimes I see them eating. Even though it is very very dangerous!


Only in Indonesia! – 1 Motorbike, 4 People (+ 1 Baby & 1 Helmet)

3 Jan

I see a lot of these situations in Indonesia

When we are in the middle of traffic, we usually watch what’s going on around us, and sometimes we see what is shown above..

It’s pretty scary and alarming..

*sighs* Only in Indonesia..