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Quick Comic: What Happens When Nurdin Halid Meets Andi Malarangeng

29 Mar

Nurdin doesn’t want to step down if the other one doesn’t. Oh no.



I promise that this is my last comic about Nurdin Halid, hahaha.


They Are Proud To Call Themselves Persija’s “HOLIGAN” – They Meant “Hooligans”.

30 Jan


I am also a sports fan, even though I am a girl, but I loooove watching sports. So, I can understand sports fanaticism and obsession for the teams that we go for. However, around the world, football (or soccer) fans are known to be troublemakers (especially in big numbers!) because football/soccer is highly popular, and the fans love their teams like crazy, so when their team gets unlucky, the fans get very emotional.

In Indonesia, the term ‘bonek’ (which is the abbreviation of ‘bondho nekat’ – the crazy fans of Persebaya – the Surabayan Footbal Club), is usually related to riots and trouble while watching football. In Jakarta, the football club here is called Persija (Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Jakarta), and some of their fans proudly call themselves ‘HOLIGAN’… Ehm.. you mean Hooligan? I think it does come from the word Hooligan, just misspelled. Do they even know what ‘hooligan’ is?? A Hooligan is someone who is cruel, violent, troublemaker, brutal and aggressive. Usually crazy sports fans overseas who create trouble and causes riots, even deaths are called ‘hooligans’. They have to understand that ‘hooligans’ are the dumbest, no-mannered, no-class type of people.

The “hooligan” status is not something they should be proud of. Maybe here, the term ‘holigan’ or ‘hooligan’ had been mistaken as ‘fans’. Unfortunately, these “holigans” acts exactly like hooligans. But it’s a good thing that their traits are now much better than how it used to be.. I hope their behaviours will improve, please keep your manners, and please be respectful.