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Don’t Take Education For Granted

12 Jan

I want to go to school too...

Education is very important in our lives. Unfortunately, Indonesian education is not at the maximum standard, and not everybody has the access to education. However, it is really frustrating to see privileged children who are in school taking education for granted.  They protest every day on how much they hate learning or going to school. Many of them can’t be bothered doing their homework, and not many privileged children have the will to achieve something great academically. On the other hand, children from financially struggling families want the luxury to be able to go to school.

Four of the biggest problem in Indonesia’s education are:

1. Low quality facilities and infrastructure. People are so busy building shopping malls, not proper school buildings. Many bad quality school buildings in isolated areas and smaller towns of Indonesia need attention from the government. Every area in Indonesia needs a proper library where children can read, even in their spare time.

2. Low appreciation of teachers. Teachers here aren’t happy enough, they have to work for a low income. Plus, sometimes they have a big burden of teaching 40 children in one class! Therefore, some teachers don’t have a professional attitude.

3. Access to education is not evenly distributed around the country. Isolated areas in Indonesia still have minimal exposure to education. Education should also be made available for everyone from all financial backgrounds. Has the government really been spending the budget (APBN – Anggaran Pendapatan & Belanja Daerah) for education wisely?

4. The subjects taught in schools are taught in the most uninteresting way… ever. Juuuust memorizing. That is all we do at school. There is a better system to teach children so they can be more interested in the subject they are learning, and get them to learn better. Just memorizing is not going to teach them anything, learning with practical activities will help them understand the subjects better.

But for those who have the luxury to receive education, please do not ignore the importance of education. There are so many people out there who would work hard for education. Education gets you jobs, and knowledge. This country would thrive if the people are educated so they’d have more open minds, so that they’d be more creative, more systematic and more useful for this country.



Your Child Doesn’t Need to Get A+ For Everything..

6 Jan

You HAVE to be at the top of the class!!

I’m not a parent. I’m still young and I don’t have a child, so maybe a lot of parents out there might be annoyed by this post. But I just want to express my opinions. Ever since I was young, I’ve always met parents who force their children to get the highest marks at school. They don’t care how, their children needs to be at the top of the class. There is nothing wrong with parents wanting their children to get the best, but it’s not good to force them to do things that is beyond their abilities.

I’ve been lucky to have parents who never forced me to be at the top of the class. They only motivated me to do the best I could. If I could only get 70% for Information Technology, and I’ve already tried my best, they wouldn’t get angry. Every child has their own potential and ability. Even though my mathematics wasn’t that great, I had good marks for my history, social studies and art subjects, because that’s where my abilities are.

It’s even worse when parents compare their children to other children. “Why can’t you be like this kid, they got an A for this subject”. Big NO NO. Please remember that they have their own talents and potential. Parents who force their children to take the parent’s choice of university course are also annoying. Some parents prefer their children to take law, medicine, engineering (prestigious courses which creates more potential to earn more money) when their children wants to study photography, anthropology or literature. However there are also parents out there who know their children’s potential better than their children do.

The point is, motivate your children to do their best, but don’t force them to do things beyond their own ability. They’d be too overwhelmed. They don’t need to get A+ for everything. There has to be a balance between study and play. Find your child’s potential, and let them grow 🙂


Hey! Don’t Copy My Answers! That’s Cheating!

5 Jan

Study! don't copy!

I admit, I used to copy my friend’s answers when I was at school. But I also admit that I was wrong. I used to copy my friend’s answer because I didn’t feel confident with myself.. mostly because I didn’t pay attention to the teachers when they were speaking or forgot to read over the material when I studied at home.

Until one day, someone else copied my answers. I felt so angry, because I’ve worked hard to study and understand that topic,  but someone else easily copied it. Copying someone else’s answers during an exam or a task is cheating.

Like I said, people who copy answers are people who are not confident with their own knowledge. Even though we all know, when we listen to our teachers speaking in class, we don’t need to copy answers when they give us tasks or exams. To those who are still in school or at University/College, please try to finish your task/exam by yourself. Learn how to respect other people’s efforts, people who’ve actually tried to learn and understand the subject.

Respect your teachers too, please pay attention to them. If we pay attention, we wouldn’t need to copy our friends’ answers.

Let’s erase this bad habit!