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Damn, I am Stuck in the Traffic Yet Again..

2 Jan

Damn, I'm stuck in traffic.......... AGAIN

Life in Jakarta is dominated by… sitting in the car for hours.. in the traffic. Ten years ago, to get from one place to another would have taken 15 minutes, and for that same distance today, it can take an hour or more. The cause of these traffic jams are all different. Sometimes it’s just something small and insignificant, but it creates a biiiig traffic jam. I have tried to collect the reasons why traffic jams happen so often..

1. Accidents. Ok, accidents are sometimes unavoidable, traffic jams happen inevitably during motor accidents. However, if people would stop rubbernecking, the traffic jam wouldn’t be as bad!

2. Flood. When there’s a flood, chances are a car sometimes breaks down in the middle of the traffic. Cars can’t speed when half of its tyres are¬† under water anyway. Stop throwing¬† rubbish carelessly causing blocked drains.

3. Self-centred drivers / drivers who don’t follow rules. There is always that someone who loses his/her patience in the middle of the traffic, and takes a turn that they shouldn’t have taken – at the wrong place, and at the wrong time, and causes a huge tangle. Oh dear.

4. Street vendors. Buying things through your car windows take a while, and people block the street when they’re trying to do a transaction. Cars behind may be impatient, so they try to sneak out of the lane.. and again.. they jam the street.

5. Peak hour. The busiest hours of the day are filled with people going to work or going home from work. Even the three-in-one system doesn’t work, people here make a business out of it, by offering to be the third passenger of the car.

There are a lot more reasons why traffic jams happen so often in Jakarta. I live in Tangerang. When I first moved into this city 10 years ago, it was so peaceful and quiet. Now, it’s packed with cars! Indonesia is very centralised. Everything happens in Jakarta, it is the commercial capital, the business capital, the political capital. Sooo many people live here. I guess there could be less traffic jams if people stop being so emotional and self-centred. The streets and the roads are public places, we have to work together, we can’t just think about ourselves.



…Where’s the Bus??

2 Jan

..........where's the bus??

Lately, the city of Jakarta is filled with more traffic jams, cars and motorcycles are now sneaking into the Busway lane. This causes the buses to arrive extremely late and the passengers become really disappointed, especially in corridor IX. This is caused by the lack of track dividers and traffic police officers who keep the Busway lanes free of cars and motorcycles. On Sunday, January 2nd, cars and motorcycles would selfishly sneak into the Busway lane because it’s a holiday. However, if people keep making this into a habit, they’ll keep doing it even during regular working days.

Fortunately, starting on the 3rd of January, the monitoring of Busway lanes will resume again. For Jakarta road users, let’s all work together, please be patient. If you know you’re going to be stuck in traffic, leave earlier, or find an alternative route. Don’t just think about yourself, believe me, everybody wants to get to their destinations quickly too.

Jakarta oh Jakarta, you’re so overpopulated.